The Warehouse Historic District is a former industrial area in Downtown Jersey City. It is also known as the Powerhouse Arts District (PAD) in recognition of the active artist community living and working within its borders. The district consists of pivotal architectural landmarks, including the Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Powerhouse, the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company Headquarters (now “150 Bay”), the Butler Brothers Warehouse (now “Morgan Industrial Center”) and the Juan Ribon Machine Shop, among others.

Unfortunately, the district is threatened by several developers who are striving to demolish rather than reuse the historic buildings. Other, more sensitive developers have recently proven that adaptive reuse is more than feasible and adds significantly to the quality of life of the emerging community. Just look at 140 Bay and 150 Bay, two exciting restoration projects in the PAD. Even new post-Modern buildings like Waldo Lofts respect the surrounding historic fabric.

s.a.v.e. would like to see the area preserved as an architectural district special to Jersey City. We would like for developers to respect our built heritage, our artists, and our community. City officials must step up to legally defend and protect the area, not simply give it away or bow to developers. We certainly encourage new development, but not at the cost of our heritage. Both the old and the new can coexist, side by side.


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