The Sixth Street Embankment is a sequence of historic sandstone and granite edifices that are crowned by a unique collection of trees and meadows. This unusual interaction between man-made landmarks and nature is the sort of arrangement that many cities strive to create. This embankment, which we, the people of Jersey City, have as a gift from our forbearers and nature, has the potential to be compared with such world-famous parks as the Promenade Plantee in Paris, France.  


Our hope is to have the Embankment renovated into a beautiful, raised park for the Downtown community. This project would benefit all of Jersey City, and create a desired healthy, green space. Ever since the inception of the Embankment Preservation Coalition (EPC), there has been enormous public support to preserve the Embankment as a historic landmark and open space. Failing to recognize the value of the Sixth Street Embankment would be a step back for a city that has come so far in the right direction. Protecting and preserving open space and historic landmarks, such as the Embankment, creates a more admirable, appealing city and sets a standard for surrounding communities.

s.a.v.e. encourages our citizens to get involved in the fight for the Embankment by writing letters to city officials urging them to preserve this open space. For more information on the Sixth Street Embankment and how you can help, visit


Above image: Artists’ conception of a restored and utilized Embankment at Luiz Munoz Boulevard. Designed by Cassandra Wilday, Demetri Sarantitis and Jason Gould of Cassandra Wilday Landscape Architects, 604 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030. Contact 201-714-4853 or Derived from the EPC website (


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