Far too often, communities throughout Hudson County are being stripped of their historic and environmental landmarks.  As cities expand and develop, they often lose some of their most appealing aspects.  Many times, beautiful significant buildings are being replaced with unsightly high rises.  Although new development plays a key role in the growth of our county, it is imperative that the new and the old coexist.     

Each unfortunate teardown erases a large part of an area’s history.  Hudson County is quickly surrendering itself to cookie-cutter housing and overwhelming development that does not respect nor recognize the culture of surrounding neighborhoods.   

s.a.v.e.’s hope is that communities realize the significance of preserving their historic architectural environments, which bring charm, character, and culture to Hudson County.

-Violet Malolepsza, co-founder


Above: 148-150 Palisade Avenue, demolished August 8, 2007 by Christ Hospital.

148-150 Palisade Avenue 

Jersey City’s outbreak of inexcusable teardowns reached a regrettable peak on August 8, 2007 with the demolition of a circa-1873 mansion located on 148-150 Palisade Avenue in the Jersey City Heights.  

Despite attempts from various groups, including the Sgt. Anthony Park neighborhood association and the Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy, Christ Hospital, the establishment that owns the property, tore down the landmark-eligible mansion for absolutely no relevant reason.  The untimeliness of the demolition, which occured shortly after a rain storm, is especially appalling.  This teardown is a clear example of the hospital’s and city officials’ lack of interest in the needs of Jersey City residents.   

The demolition of 148-150 Palisade Avenue robbed the Palisade neighborhood of an irreplaceable architectural work of art. s.a.v.e. hopes that Christ Hospital will use the property as an open space for the community. We encourage residents to speak up and write letters to officials to ensure that such unjustifiable teardowns come to a stop.  

-Violet Malolepsza, co-founder  

On Friday, August 10, 2007, a letter addressed to Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy was published in The Jersey Journal. The letter, composed by s.a.v.e. co-founder Violet Malolepsza, was related to the teardown of 148-150 Palisade Avenue, one of Jersey City’s finest late-19th century mansions atop the steep cliffs of the Palisades. This was s.a.v.e.’s first published letter, and it gained a lot of attention! 



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