Located in the midst of the Bergen Hill area, St. John’s Episcopal Church is a picturesque stone church that is among Jersey City’s finest Gothic Revival-influenced religious buildings. The genius behind this architectural masterpiece is John Remson Onderdonk, who was a local architect and practitioner of the ecclesiological philosophy, which is perhaps why St. John’s is considered to be a masterpiece of the 19th-century ecclesiastical architecture. Erected in 1870, St. John’s served as a gathering spot and heart of the Jersey City community.


Today, St. John’s has been abandoned and is in much need of physical repair. With vandals pilfering valuable decorative material, and the loss of precious stained-glass windows, St. John’s needs the attention of the public in order to revive its original glory.

The beauty of St. John’s still lives on. s.a.v.e. calls on all residents of Jersey City who support historic preservation to reach out by sending letters and placing phone calls to the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, urging officials to develop a preservation plan for the building. Please click on the flyer below to learn how to contact the stakeholders. Thank you!

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