Reservoir No. 3 in Jersey City, many would argue, is the most beautiful and unique landmark in the Jersey City Heights. The site includes 14 acres of gorgeous wildlife surrounded by high stone walls. Located just south of Pershing Field, one would never imagine the wonders living inside by just walking past it. 


The Reservoir formerly was used by residents of Jersey City to supply drinking water. Use of the Reservoir has been discontinued for over twenty years now. Nature has taken its course and the Reservoir is now beautifully grown in with many different species of plants and is home to many different species of animals. The Reservoir is architecturally significant due to its 1874 Egyptian Revival walls and its Romanesque pump-houses.                                                             


Our hope is to have the Reservoir renovated into a safe and beautiful park for everyone to enjoy as a place to escape or just have fun. This is just what Jersey City and its residents need to keep a healthy, joyous, unique, and beautiful environment.

 With the inception of the Jersey City Reservoir Preservation Alliance there has been enormous improvement in quality of the Reservoir as well as great public enjoyment and support. Go on over and check out the Reservoir for yourself! It is now open every Saturday through October from 10am-6pm. To learn more about the Reservoir or for more information on special events and how to help out visit


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