As residents of an ever-changing county, we quickly come to realize what it is that makes our neighborhoods such desired places to live. Hudson County is a region full of culture, diversity and, above all, history.

sustaining architectural vitality in the environment (s.a.v.e.) believes that the rich history of Hudson County is apparent in the area’s remarkable architectural masterpieces. This belief, paired with a passion for the natural environment, led to the founding of our youth advocacy organization, which works to educate peers and preserve significant structures in our communities.

s.a.v.e. differs from other preservation organizations in that it is founded and governed by hudson county students. Through our efforts, we hope to encourage others to preserve our historic and natural surroundings, which greatly improve the quality of life in our cities.

In this section of the s.a.v.e. website, we have posted only some of the landmarks that are currently of interest to us. (Each project will describe s.a.v.e.’s efforts towards the site, and give suggestions on how you can help. However, if there are any places that you feel others should take notice of, send us an email and we’ll add it to our list of projects.) We hope that these preservation advocacy projects will inspire you to join in our ventures and further enhance the beauty of our environment!

Sixth Street Embankment (Jersey City)

Warehouse Historic District (also known as the Powerhouse Arts District, or PAD; Jersey City)

St. John’s Episcopal Church (Jersey City)

The Bergen Arches (Jersey City) 

Reservoir No. 3 (Jersey City) 

Holland Street (Jersey City)

Church of the Holy Innocents (Hoboken) 

The Blue Chapel (Union City)

Teardowns (Hudson County)

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