On Wednesday, June 13, 2007 the seven founders of s.a.v.e. were recognized by the Jersey City Municipal Council as an official youth advocacy organization. Each member received a beautiful, official Resolution commending and honoring our work so far as a new preservation group and encouraging further s.a.v.e. successes and achievements. It meant so much to be recognized and it will help a lot in our future endeavors to be recognized as an official organization! 


Special thanks to: Mariano Vega, City Council President; Robert Byrne, City Clerk; Gregory Malave, Aide to Mariano Vega; Tolonda Griffin-Ross, Deputy City Clerk; Rozani Pelc-Penteado, Council Secretary; the entire Jersey City Municipal Council; and the Office of Mayor Jerremiah T. Healy.


Above image: s.a.v.e. posing for a group shot with the Jersey City Municipal Council. Council President Mariano Vega, a huge supporter of the arts and the environment, and the main sponsor of the s.a.v.e. Resolution, is in the center.


Above image: The seven s.a.v.e. founders at the City Council Chambers podium, accepting their resolutions and thanking the City Council for recognizing their efforts.


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