s.a.v.e. (sustaining architectural vitality in the environment) is a youth advocacy organization for historic and environmental heritage conservation founded, organized, and governed by students under the auspices and guidance of the Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy, Inc. Together, we hope to be an answer to the threat that is encroaching on the great places of our generation. Our goals are to: * Raise awareness about the influence of architecture and the natural environment* Lead and participate in preservation campaigns and rallies, compile petitions, and organize educational events * Inspire future generations to be involved in the preservation of historic landmarks founders.jpgAbove image: The seven founders of s.a.v.e. standing in front of City Hall where the young advocates were honored and recognized in the summer of 2007 with an official Resolution from the Jersey City Municipal Council.First row, top (left to right) : Wioletta Malolepsza, Stephanie Castano Second row (left to right) : Ruby Hankey, Helene Chen Third row (left to right) : Janita Sawh, Aaron Haier, Willow Latham


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